Making the Commitment

2011 Marathon

2011 Marathon








How many times have you said to yourself…tomorrow is another day? How about, I will get to it later? My all time favorite is “I’m too tired, hopefully tomorrow will be a better time to get it it…”

Whatever “it” is, there is no better time than today to tackle the “it.”

Lately, I’ve been reflecting a lot on what I didn’t do, didn’t get to do, didn’t get the courage to do…basically just regretting all the times I should have have just committed to a task, an idea or whatever it was at the time. I always thought whatever it is I do has to be “perfect” and if it wasn’t going to be perfect, it was time wasted for everyone involved. I’m hoping to change that mentality because based on experience, I have more regrets not doing or trying whatever it is than if I actually tried, attempted, made an effort.

I’ve been meaning to blog and make this site everything I’ve ever dreamed possible for it…but excuses come up very easily for me. But to be honest, I am quite exhausted by the time I get any “me” time in the evening and have to rest up for work the next day.

Since tomorrow is the 2013 NYC Marathon, I reflected back to 2011 when I ran the marathon with a friend. I had so much going on that year, but I still kept my commitment to run the marathon.  I just had my son 7 months prior to the marathon and returned to work after taking 8 weeks off. I also began graduate school.

Although I didn’t train properly as I should have, due to whatever excuse or reason I had at the time, I’m still very proud that I kept my promise to my running partner and that I crossed the finish line!!!

I will use this post as motivation that anything really is possible, if I put my mind to it.

Starting small is a good way to “build” to whatever you’re envisioning. I read a wonderful posting on a blog by @kimgarst written by Charlotte Siems that really struck a cord with me about harnessing the power of 10 minutes a day. Here is the article: Ten Tips for Ten-Minute Time Management.

I look forward to putting my creativity to this site and create something I know has so much potential.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.


With Gratitude,



Happy 2013!

Wishing  you and yours a wonderful and happy new year full of wonderful memories and experiences!!

Thank you for your support! Please look out for more content in the coming days!


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I hope you find the site useful and entertaining.

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